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How can area rugs work for you?

You might think it completely unnecessary to add area rugs in your home, especially if you have or are planning to purchase new flooring. However, these pieces aren’t only for aesthetic appeal. They can also protect your flooring, sometimes adding years of life to an already well-performing floor covering.

Adding an area rug to entryways, foyers, children’s rooms, and hallways is a great way to help protect against debris and accidents. However, taking advantage of the piece in private spaces such as bedrooms and studies can add that luxurious, homey atmosphere you might have been missing. Let’s find out more about how these products can work for you.

Making sure your rugs fit your need

The good news is an area rug is extremely versatile and can take care of multiple needs all at the same time. For instance, your foyer rug might add extensive beauty to your décor, but it can also work to trap and hold debris, keeping it from damaging your main flooring. This way, you’re getting more for your money and enjoying every minute of it.

These pieces come in a wide, sweeping variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and material makeup, so few rooms are off-limits. Trusting a great area rug retailer is a great way to quickly find the ones that best suit your requirements and preferences. We can even suggest specific fibers and characteristics, depending on the rooms in which they will be placed.
Using these pieces underneath heavy furniture pieces is another way to protect your flooring. While the weight of these items can often dent hard surface flooring, or crush the delicate fibers of a carpet, a well-placed rug can prevent that. It leaves you with great looking floors when you finally decide to move those furniture pieces. To learn more about how these rugs can serve you, be sure to visit our showroom when you’re in the area.

Visit us for the best area rugs

Russell Martin Carpet & Rugs is a great place to find quality area rugs in Naperville, IL. We offer a myriad of pre-made area rugs that make finding the perfect piece an easy task. We proudly serve the areas of Naperville, IL, Lisle, IL, Wheaton, IL, Aurora, IL, and Plainfield, IL, so if you’re in those communities, be sure to visit us and speak with one of our knowledgeable flooring associates. We’ll answer all your questions and match you with rugs that are sure to add everything you need and more.