Dear Russ ,

With the snow melting and all this rain, my dogs keep tracking mud onto my beautiful carpet. What’s the best way to get this cleaned up?

Signed, Muddy Paws

Dear Muddy Paws,

This is a common problem this time of year. Mud can make us all crazy, but it is one of the easier messes to clean up: simply let it dry and vacuum the spots up! If you try ot scrub or mess with the mud right away, you end up grinding it further down into your carpet. So step back and let it be!

Dear Russ,

How often show I have my furniture cleaned? And how do I know if it can be cleaned?

Thanks, It Looks Like New

Dear It Looks Like New,

Furniture cleaning is often overlooked. When you think about it we sit, nap and relax on these pieces all the time, yet never think of having them cleaned. If you have an active household, we recommend having them cleaned every 18 months (just like your carpet).

Furniture pieces in your living room that aren’t used as often should be freshened up every few years to keep the fabric looking its best. And if your furniture has something spilled on it, remember not to mess with it! Blot what you can and call us to get the spot out!

If you’re not sure the furniture can be cleaned, check for a cleaning code (S,W,WS or X) or bring in a pillow or arm cover and we’ll test clean it for free!