If you are like me, you hold off on major home purchases until it’s absolutely time. Here are 5 signs its time to replace your carpet.

  1. There are more waves in your carpet than the Lake Michigan shoreline. There are different reasons why you see rolls, waves, in your carpet. If your carpet is less than 8 years old, the extra carpet that is buckling can often be re-stretched by a certified installer and look new again. If the carpet is older than 8 years- the chances are good that the backing is starting to breakdown (it is made of a combination of latex and fillers). Like an old rubber band sitting in the back of a desk drawer- even if it’s not being used- too much stretch and your carpet could just tear.
  2. Fido’s aroma remains after professional cleaning. While Russell Martin certified cleaners have more experience than any other company in the Chicagoland area, urine and other stains that have penetrated the carpet’s backing and into the pad will remain after our visit. A large or repeated amount of pet accidents can leave a lasting smell and/or discoloration on most carpet, hard-wood or laminate. It might be worth asking about new Pet Protect carpet or laminate options for your replacement.
  3. Your loops are on the loose. If your current carpet is an all-looped piece (known as berber), you might have a pulled loop, or two, or three. As these loops snag, you can continue to pull them all the way across the room if you are not careful. If you see a small snag, you can often clip it to prevent it from zippering more loops out. Once it has pulled, unfortunately, there is no way to properly repair it.
  4. There is no need to turn on lights at night since you can follow the grooves in your carpet. Crushing is common in polyesters after about 3-4 years, nylons and smartstrands 9-11 years and wools about 20 years. Before this time frame, most crushing and matting in nylons, smartstrands and wools will come out with steam cleaning. If you last purchased a really soft nylon or smartstrand, you might notice the flattening sooner. There is a strong chance if your carpet is showing crushing after so many years that your pad has also seen better days.
  5. Keeping up with the Jones. While you don’t have to get crazy every time styles and trends change- keeping your home fresh and current to the times reflects well on you. Now if you wait 20 or 30 years, you might find that velvet red plush will come back in style.