You wouldn’t want to hit the roads Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton this winter without knowing the salt trucks had been out before you, but you might not know how winter ice melting products affect your carpet. As much as we need them to deal with snow and ice, such products can wreak havoc on your precious carpets. As your source of carpet care tips, we’re more than happy to fill you in on how this happens and what you can do to prevent mitigate the effects of winter salt on carpet.

How Do Winter Ice Melt Products Affect Your Carpet?

The first problem is that winter ice melt products provoke greater soiling. Here’s how your two main culprits make that happen:

  • Salt: Good old salt could make your carpets dry slower because it pulls moisture from the air. The damper the carpet, the more easily it collects dirt.
  • Calcium Chloride: Are the pellets white or blue? Probably calcium chloride. It hastens soiling like salt, but it also leaves an oily film, which attracts even more soiling.
But that’s not all — salt will mix with snow and water to leave unsightly white stains on carpet when it dries. These products also have a high alkaline content that can cause physical damage beyond staining.

How Can You Keep Your Carpet Safe?

Brushing your feet against the mat before you get inside is a good idea, as is removing your shoes altogether. You’ll also want to have your carpet cleaned a little more regularly. Steam cleaning after a cold snap can prevent permanent stains, and frequent vacuuming can keep the worst of things at bay.

It makes sense to catch as much of that winter ice melt product in a rug before it hits your carpet — after all, rugs are a lot easier to dry. 80% of soil comes off within the first 10-feet into a property, so buy a relatively large mat and have it cleaned when it gets dingy. Olefin should be avoided since it isn’t very absorbent; nylon is fine, but wool is best. Remember: absorbency is good because you want dirt and grime absorbed before your carpets are affected.

We’ve got Plenty of Tips to Protect Your Carpets and Rugs this Winter

From professional carpet and rug cleaning to handy hints about winter salt and carpet, our team is always here to help keep your flooring pristine. For additional advice or assistance, feel free to contact us today.