Feel up to taking out carpet quiz? Just a few questions will help you get to grips with everything from different types of carpet to tricks that make it last longer. We want homeowners around Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton to feel as informed as possible — what better way to get you up to speed than by offering this challenge?

1. What is the Average Life of Carpet?

A. 5 to 7 years

B. 7 to 11 years

C. 11 to 15 year

D. More than 15 years

Answer: D.

It’s D if you play your cards right, anyway. The longevity of your carpet is going to depend hugely on the fibers it is made from and the brand. Polyester won’t last too long, for example, while nylon should go the distance. If you invest in a high-quality carpet and maintain it well, you’re looking at 15 to 25 years. As you might expect, regular professional cleaning is also important.

2. What do Consumers Consider to Be the Most Important Thing When Selecting Carpet?

A. Color

B. Price

C. Brand Name

D. Store

Answer: A.

Yup, carpet is plenty important. Dark colors, especially richer ones like burgundy, are ideal for making things cozy. Light shades, such as pastels, tend to make a spaces feel larger and more formal. But price, brand name, and even the store you buy it from aren’t inconsequential. In general, pricier carpets last longer and feel better, proving the old adage about getting what you pay for true. A good store can provide plenty of benefits, from expert advice to a limited lifetime installation warranty. We should know — we offer one ourselves.

3. Which Color of Carpet Shows the Most Soil?

A. Beige

B. White

C. Yellow

D. Green

Answer: B.

It used to be that all carpets were dark colors — but that was primarily to hide stains. Nowadays, carpets don’t soil so easily, but white ones are still the most vulnerable. If you must go for white, beige, or any other light shade, make sure you pick up a carpet with stain-resistant properties.

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