You don’t have to be Suzy Homemaker to know how to use T.A.C.T. No, not the tact you use when keeping your mouth shut when Aunt Phyllis wears a floral mumu, but the all-important recipe used for cleaning almost anything; from dishes to your carpet.  By altering the amount of each of the following components, you alter the need for the amount of the others.

Temperature:  The higher the water temperature, the better (just don’t burn yourself!).

Agitation:  Sometimes you need to scrub those dirty dishes.  The goal when cleaning carpet and clothing is to use as little agitation as possible to protect the fibers.

Chemical: This can be soap or a detergent.  The main goals of the chemical are to break down oils and lower the temperature at which bacteria can be killed.  Did you know that Russell Martin uses such a little amount of  detergent for your carpet cleaning that when we’re finished it’s not even possible to detect a residue?  The detergent we use is also completely safe for your family (two and four legged members) and is biodegradable for the environment. 

Time:  Did your Mom ever tell you to just let a pot sit in hot water before trying to clean it? Time is a great non-invasive component to use.  One of the best times to use the time component is with spotters such as Nature’s Miracle, an enzyme for protein-based spots (also known as urine, vomit, or feces left on your carpet courtesy of those four legged family members).