Need to learn how to prepare for regular carpet cleaning? It starts by taking care of the following tasks:

  • Vacuuming High-Traffic Areas
  • Removing Breakable Items
  • Removing Smaller Pieces of Furniture
  • Keeping Pets Out of the Way
  • Cleaning Existing Messes

But that’s just the beginning — you’ll also need to ask yourself a few important questions and make provisions if you can’t be at home when we visit.

Questions to Ask While You’re Preparing

Which Rooms or Furniture Need to be Cleaned?

You’d be surprised just how often people wait for their carpet cleaners to arrive before asking this question. The speed of the job and the materials needed depend on knowing how much needs to be done, so get everything decided before we show up.

Just Traffic Patterns or All of It?

Your carpet contains traffic patterns — those areas that get walked over as people make their way around the home. It’s quicker to stick solely to cleaning traffic patterns, and you’ll lose the lion’s share of dirt. However, some people prefer having the whole room done at once. It usually depends how often you clean your carpet.

Any Pieces of Furniture You Don’t Want Moved?

If you don’t want us to move something, you should let us know before we start.

Have You Tried Anything Else to Remove Stains?

This is an important one. If you’ve already tried to remove a stain using a certain chemical or cleaner, you should let us know. Even if the process worked, we still need to know whether a cleaner was applied since it may impact how we go about cleaning your carpet.

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Regular carpet cleaning is important, and homeowners all across Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton, and beyond continue to turn to Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs. Any nagging doubts about how to prepare?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly.