Ever wonder how Russell Martin cleans your area rugs? It's something we’ve been doing since 1957 right here in downtown Naperville! When a rug first arrives at our rug plant, it is inspected by our master cleaning technician, Tomas. He then writes a prescription for the rug and gets to work.

We don’t put your rug through a big machine; instead Tomas cleans each rug personally, using truck mounted hot steam extraction just like we do in your home. After the rug is cleaned, it is hung to air dry. Once the rug has dried fully, it is re-inspected and if we find a spot hasn’t lifted out or the fringe is still looking a bit dirty we’ll re-clean the rug at no cost to you. On average it takes 3-5 days for each rug to be thoroughly cleaned. Our goal is to always send your rug home as clean as possible!

And don’t forget, anytime you Lug Your Rug into our showroom you always receive a 30% discount! So roll up the rug in your family room, lug your Grandma’s handmade oriental rug from the living room and toss the throw rugs scattered around the house in the car and come see how Russell Martin does area rug cleaning!