It’s not uncommon for us to talk as much about our pets as we talk about carpet around here.  Pets are a part of our life (both professionally and personally) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sadly, with pets come pet accidents.  These fluffy little creatures can leave behind nasty little mess and it’s rarely left on the tile or wood floors. Over the past few years many fiber and carpet manufactures have recognized our love for pets and have developed warranties to incorporate the stains that Fido or Meow left behind.

We’ve talked about these different warranties in past RM newsletter articles.  The basic details of these pet specific warranties is that if your pet leaves behind a stain, and it doesn’t come out with professional cleaning (say from yours truly) the carpet mill will replace the carpet with the same piece if its still available or something comparable.  This warranty is good for the life of your carpet.

Recently, Karastan has added to their pet warranties.  Their new All Pet Protection & Warranty includes Snappy the turtle, Hammy the hamster and Sid the snake (basically any domesticated animal is covered). These carpets are marked with a pet shield logo.  Even better, with National Karastan Sale going on now it’s a great time to save and protect your carpet!