The days are getting colder, the nights creeping in sooner, and all thoughts are turning towards the holidays. The stretch from Fall through to Christmas is always livened up by decking the halls, and we thought we’d tell you the how and why of using rugs to add to your holiday decorations.

Your Guide to Holiday Rugs

Christmas comes but once a year, and it’s the perfect time to make things special around the house. While the tinsel and the tree are your centerpieces, you want something to bring it all together, and the answer is right beneath your feet. They’re going to need a little extra warmth as the temperatures dip, so add something new to keep your toes cozy.

Unless you happen to have a full complement of elves at your disposal, you probably don’t want to rip up the floor for your Christmas decorations. But a rug? A rug is perfect. Pick a seasonal color — we’re thinking deep red or green — or indulge your sense of Yuletide whimsy with a few patterns. You’ll find a fetching range of options right here at Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs.

You won’t need to have the room professionally measured or go through any installation, so why not spice up the guest room for your in-laws or place a festive rug beneath your turkey-laden table to give things a more festive twist? You can even use a rug as a wall hanging to create a decorative focal point across an unadorned wall.

As for choosing where your rugs are going to go, the general rules follow for the holidays. Above all, keep each room’s holiday rug centered around one point. In the living room, just in front of the TV you’ll use to catch up on seasonal favorites is going to be a good call. In the hall, you’ll naturally want more of a runner rug. Got a fireplace? A rug in front can catch some of the soot Saint Nick tracks in.

We’re Ready to Help Out During the Holidays

We love seeing the lights go up across Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton, and we’re happy to help your home get into the holiday spirit with holiday rugs and decorating tips. Be sure to contact us today about why type or size of rug you should get.