Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a shift from clients carpeting the first floor of their homes, to installing hardwood floors throughout. These wood floors are beautiful and can make a statement on their own. However, they do have their drawbacks as well. Most wood floors being installed right now are pre-finished, which typically means that they can’t be re-finished if they get scratched from Fido’s or Fluffy’s nails, or dented from something dropped. Also, wood floors can cause your home to become very noisy. Let Russell Martin give you the tools to keep these wood floors looking beautiful and new longer!

Our solution… area rugs! Not only do rugs add another dimension of texture, pattern and color to a room but they are meant to be eclectic, so no need to be match-y match-y. Mix a beautiful oriental in your living room with a chunky frieze in your family room and add a tone on tone pattern in your dining room. By repeating one or two colors in the different rugs, you gain cohesiveness while maintaining a fresh look for each space. Sometimes this idea can be a bit overwhelming. Just remember that Stacy and Rebecca are designers and are happy to offer design consultations to help with your rug selections.

Area rugs can also help define a space, making a clear definition between open spaces like your family room and kitchen. Sometimes this can be done with pre-made rugs that come in standard sizes like 6x9 or 8x10; other times the space calls for a unique shape (like a clipped corner) or an oversized rug. And you guessed it… RM can help.

We can take any piece of carpet in the showroom and make a rug any size or shape your home needs. What if you want to take your custom rug one step further? Yep, we can help with that, too. We now have a special Nova line of custom rugs with infinite finishing options. Wide tape binding, you got it! How about a wide leather trim? We can do that, too. Maybe you’re feeling a bit edgy and want to add some nail head trim to the edge of the rug…again we can make it happen! While we may not sell hardwood floors, we love that they give us the chance to get more creative with your rug options! Come see us soon and let us show you what’s trending now!