Value is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot in retail.  More often then not when you think or hear the work value you think cheap or poorly made.  When we think of value, we think of a good product or service that meets a need with out breaking the bank! For years we’ve searched through products from our favorite mills to find value pieces of carpet.  After many attempts, we’ve finally found a few products that are not only a great value in price, but still maintain the level of quality that you’ve come to expect from Russell Martin! So let me introduce you to:

*SUGAR COOKIE– mmmm who doesn’t love a sugar cookie?  We fell in love with this carpet about a year ago when we had a long time client come to us with a common dilemma.  They were putting their home on the market and needed to replace the carpet.  Their realtor wanted “Naperville Beige” and did we have anything that fit that description without breaking the bank! This describes Sugar Cookie perfectly.  This carpet is only available in “Naperville Beige” (translation a neutral tan) cut pile.  It’s a great piece, installs well, looks great and better yet is manufactured by Karastan, a company we know and love.  Since then, we can hardly keep Sugar Cookie stocked in our warehouse. It’s perfect if you are putting your house on the market, replacing a guest bedroom or the living room that isn’t used all that often.

*SKYLINE VIEW, METRO MAGIC & MIDTOWN LOFT– these 3 styles are fast becoming our go to pieces for basements, hallways, stairs and family rooms. We found these styles when we met with one of our carpet reps to discuss our need for quality pieces at a great value. Once Stacy and I saw these pieces we knew they were perfect for the showroom.  The added bonus came when we showed the samples to our installation managers Sam and Terry, who loved the backing system on these carpets.  As it turns out, the backing makes this carpet very easy to work with making installation a dream!  With patterns ranging from a pin dot, small squares and a large scale geometric pattern there is something to fit the style of any area in your home.  With any of these options, there are 24 colors to choose from ranging neutral tans to the gray family.

* WAREHOUSE REMNANTS – We had our warehouse sale over Valentine ’s Day weekend.  While the sale was a huge success, we still have some great values left over.  The carpets range from cut piles, patterns and friezes in a wide variety of colors and sizes available.  All of these carpets are priced to sell quickly and we have samples for you to see at the showroom.  These pieces are a great solution to replace a bedroom, family room or even make an area rug from!

Stop in and meet our new value pieces! And remember just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you have to give up the exceptional quality or service you expect from Russell Martin!