If you wait long enough, everything comes back into style, right? Well, what if you don’t have to wait for a favorite pattern to “come around again?” We are starting to see the new 2018 carpet and rug introductions and to say we’re are excited for what’s to come is an understatement.

One of our favorite new intros is the re-invented Karastan Multi Panel Kirman rug. This is the original jewel-toned rug that has been in Karastan’s line for well over 50 years. In the last five years it has been recolored once in black and once in a warm camel. Now Karastan has taken this classic rug one step further. It is now available in a lovely warm grey with touches of grass green. It’s beautiful and is definitely not your grandmother’s rug!

Along this same line, Karastan is recoloring some of our favorite wool broadloom carpets. One of our favorite patterns, Berwick Tweed is being recolored and is leaving the 90’s behind for an updated color line of greys, taupes, navy and greige! This great tweed/subtle plaid pattern stands the test of time and looks amazing on stairs, or made into a custom rug with a funky leather trim!

Keeping up with this re-invention trend is Masland. They are working on recoloring a line of durable nylon patterns that are rated for both residential and commercial use. We’ve used Carpaccio, Bombay, Tangier and the rest of this group for years. In fact, we love them so much we have one installed in part of the showroom and its stood up to 15 years of heavy wear! These pieces are being redeveloped at the mill and will hopefully be launched this fall to include a fresh color line, while still holding up to the wear and tear of life.

We love seeing new trends come through the showroom. It’s like Christmas when a box of new samples arrives. But, as these “old” products start coming in I think we’ll be just as excited. Besides, there’s a bit of comfort in falling in love with an old favorite!