As one of the most trusted providers of carpet and rug cleaning across Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton, plenty of people ask us how the seasons affect cleaning and drying times. Well, this is a wise question to ask, and it’s something most people don’t even take the time to consider. Truth is, the time of year can make quite the difference, so we’ve broken things down for you to help you decide on the best month to clean your carpets.

Cleaning and Drying Times in Spring

Spring is often a good time to get started on your carpet cleaning if you tend to suffer from harsh winters that bring lots of moisture in the form of rain or snow. After all, that moisture can get tracked into the house quite easily, and any dirt will be embedded deep into the fibers. It’s also relatively easy to dry your carpet in the spring thanks to rising temperatures. Overall, spring cleaning gets our nod of approval.

Cleaning and Drying Times in Summer

Summer brings the highest temperatures, so it’s a fine time to have your carpets cleaned. Even better, you’ll probably have some time during the summer when you’ll be off on vacation, so you can have the carpets done just before and then return to find them dried out.

Cleaning and Drying Times in Fall

Fall is a little chillier, but drying times aren’t so tough because there generally isn’t much moisture in the air. Also, you should get your carpets done now instead of waiting until winter. Since they’re opposites on the calendar, it often makes sense to have carpets cleaned once during spring and again during fall.

Cleaning and Drying Times in Winter

You’ll be indoors plenty during winter, making carpet cleaning a touch inconvenient. But your heating will be on high and few windows will be open, so drying times will be fantastic.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Time to Clean Your Carpets

Because of the way steam cleaning works, surfaces will always need to dry. However, you can make the whole process faster and easier to deal with by cleaning during the right season. To find out more, simply contact us today.