If you’re asking yourself why it’s so important to have your carpet cleaned regularly, you clearly have no idea what could be lurking among the fibers. People commonly only consider the way their carpets look whenever thinking about having them cleaned — unless there are any noticeable stains, it can all seem like an unnecessary job. Read on to find out why that’s far from the case.

The Carpet Catch-All 

Your carpet serves as a repository for all kinds of nasties. To start with, keep in mind that carpets can retain up to four times their weight in dirt. Next, factor in dead skill cells, dust mites, mold, bacteria, pet hair, insect feces and husks, volatile organic compounds, and pollen, and you’ll understand that an unclean carpet quickly becomes a sea of pollutants, irritants, and allergens. 

When you walk across the carpet, some of that debris gets kicked up and some gets pushed deeper. That’s not a very healthy living environment. 

What Are the Hazards of Unclean Carpets?

Allergens are one of the biggest problems associated with unclean carpets, and they can be particularly problematic for young children since their immune systems won’t be as strong and they’ll also be closer to the ground.

Of course, you’ll also be encouraging the growth of mold, bacteria, and parasites. Even if none of those problems develop, failing to regularly clean your carpets is only going to make stains harder to remove in the long run. 

Why is Professional Cleaning So Important?

If you think you can turn back the tide by breaking out your vacuum, think again. Yes, vacuuming plays an important part, but you really need to seek professional cleaning services on a regular basis.

A professional cleaner will utilize high-end tools such as steam cleaners to eradicate problems that could scarcely be touched by a vacuum. 

It’s Hard to Undervalue the Importance of Cleaning Your Carpets

With years of experience cleaning carpets across Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton, and beyond, we understand the importance of the task and boast both the knowledge and equipment to get it done right. Of course, we also sell carpets and rugs — we’re your one-stop-shop for flooring! To find out more, just contact us today.