Wool carpets and rugs carry a certain kind of glamour that those made from other materials lack. Honestly, that’s no coincidence. Wool carpets and rugs come in a wide range of designs, look fantastic, and continue to look deeply plush and luxurious years after they have been installed. If you’ve been wondering whether wool is worth the cost, simply read on to explore its benefits.

Wool is Extremely Durable

You know how most area rugs and carpets tend to look a little flat and careworn after a few years, particularly across areas that experience heavy foot traffic? That’s because most carpet fibers aren’t particularly resilient.

When it comes to carpets and rugs, resiliency refers to how well a fiber bounces back after pressure has been applied. Wool boasts top-notch texture retention, so it continues to look plush and vibrant even after being used for years.

Wool is Extremely Comfortable

Wool carpets and rugs are considered a premium option because they are wonderfully comfortable. Wool is soft and springy, so it always provides comfy support and feels great between your toes.

As an added plus, natural wool offers outstanding insulating properties. If you hate stepping out onto a chilly floor, laying down a wool carpet or rug is going to make your home that much homier.

Easy Maintenance

Natural wool resists staining and is surprisingly water repellent. Better yet, it lasts twice as long between cleanings as most other fibers, including those synthetic ones you might expect to offer reduced maintenance.

When your wool carpet or rug does need to be cleaned, all of us at Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs can take care of business using a special cleaner that offers the following benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic when dry, making it safe for infants, allergy-sufferers, and four-legged friends.
  • Able to protect against abrasion and wear.
  • Forms a barrier against oil and water based spills.
  • Helps combat fading and other damage caused by the sun’s rays.

Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs is Always Happy to Provide Advice and Assistance

Homeowners from Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton, and the surrounding communities know they can find a fantastic range of flooring options when they visit Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs, and we can even keep them clean for you. To find out more, simply contact us today.