Confused About Carpet Seam Placement and Peaking?


Seam peaking — you might not have heard of it, and you probably aren’t even familiar with carpet seams. Before you have your new carpets installed, it’s a good idea to learn about the seams, why it’s important to have them placed correctly, and how you should react to seam peaking. We’ve surprised lots of homeowners from Wheaton to Lisle when we’ve told them that seam peaking isn’t always a bad thing, at least during and shortly after installation — and we’re ready to surprise you, too.

What are Carpet Seams?


Carpets are generally made 12 feet wide, and you’re likely aware that the grand majority of rooms are not. Often enough, the rooms we live in are wider than 12 feet, and that means installed carpet will need to be seamed together to fill the space.

When you order carpets and installation from Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs, we come to your home to measure exactly where the seams should be placed. The room is measured and drawn to scale, and then we review traffic patterns, furniture placement, and other factors with you to make sure everything turns out well. Take window placement: we make sure the seams run away from windows to ensure their slight hump is less visible.

What is Seam Peaking? Should You Worry About It?

Okay, so seams are totally fine, but what about seam peaking? Essentially, this is a temporary issue caused by stretching. The backing of your carpet will be attached to the seam tape, and stretching during installation can pull the points where the tape is attached tight enough to cause the top section of the carpet to peak upwards.

It sounds like a bit of a problem, and it’s not something you’d want across your floors forever, but the crazy thing is that seam peaking is actually good. All it means is that your installer did a great job installing your carpet as tightly as possible, and that means it should last for years to come. There’s no such thing as an invisible seam, but you can relax the peak by walking over it normally — it won’t take long at all for that slight swelling appearance to disappear entirely.

Get Expert Installation From Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs

Whether conducting repairs or carrying out fresh installations, we’re confident in our ability to get your carpets perfect — it’s why we offer a limited lifetime installment warranty. Contact us today to find out more, visit us at 633 N. Washington St. in Naperville, or feel free to request an appointment online. We’ve been serving homeowners around Lisle and Wheaton with top-tier carpet sales, installation, and repairs for decades, and we look forward to showing you what we can do!