Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which is the Better Choice?

When you first find yourself struggling with the carpet vs. hardwood dilemma, it can seem like a tough one to call. However, lots of folks around Naperville and Aurora ultimately tend to decide on a new carpet instead of hardwood flooring, and it isn’t particularly hard to see why after a close comparison.

Carpets are Softer

Probably the most compelling reason to invest in carpets instead of hardwood flooring is that they are a lot softer. The immediate benefit is comfort — it’s much nicer to walk on soft carpets instead of unforgiving hardwood, especially since hardwood will be very cold in the morning.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because all types of carpet are softer than hardwood, they provide an insulating layer across your floor. Heat won’t escape as easily, reducing your bills while keeping your home warm and cozy; and sound won’t be transmitted as readily, reducing the amount of noise your flooring produces.

Carpets are Safer

People often fail to consider the safety problems that come with hardwood flooring. Because the surface is quite smooth and slippery, it’s a lot easier to take a tumble, especially when you’re wearing socks. This issue is made more serious by the fact that hardwood flooring doesn’t provide any cushioning: when you land, you land hard.

Additionally, hardwood flooring isn’t pleasant for people with allergies. Carpets trap allergens, and those allergens are then removed during vacuuming. With hardwood flooring, they get circulated around the room whenever someone walks across it.

Carpets are Less Expensive

Hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive options. Aside from the cost of the raw materials, it’s a material that demands extensive workmanship. There’s also quite a lot of maintenance work, with regular sealing necessary to protect against staining.

When cold temperatures set in across Wheaton, Lisle, and Naperville, your hardwood planks will shrink; and when it warms up, they expand. This can cause damage over time, but it’s not an issue you’ll face with carpets.

Find Your New Carpet at Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs

Using area rugs is a great way to combine the benefits of hardwood flooring with those of carpeting — but, without rugs carpets are always going to come out ahead. If you’d like to find out more, all you need to do is get in touch!

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