Carpet vs. Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring can be great in kitchens and bathrooms, especially when supplemented by some nice, thick rugs, but carpets generally win out by offering:

  • A richer array of options
  • Easier maintenance
  • Warmer and softer feel
  • Added safety

Still not sure about carpet vs. laminate? Simply read on to find out why a new carpet pulls ahead.

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There’s only so far you can go with laminate flooring. Sure, there might be a few different hues and grain styles, but wood is wood. Carpets provide a wide range of colors and designs to suit any style, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also be able to select between different textures, materials, and pile depths.


People will try to tell you that laminate flooring is easy to keep in prime condition, but actually:

  • Laminate flooring can be easily scratched when you move furniture, and it can be quickly ruined by the paws of a pet.
  • Laminate flooring will show smudges and dust very easily.
  • Laminate flooring can be ruined by moisture, so you’ll need to dry it right after wet mopping.

In contrast, carpeting is very resilient to wear and tear and won’t show dirt as easily. Additionally, most people prefer the convenience of vacuuming over the elbow grease of mopping and drying.


Comfort counts when you’re picking out flooring, and it’s perhaps this factor above all that makes carpet such a popular choice. It retains warmth without ever becoming too hot, and it provides a soft, padded surface to cushion every footfall. Laminate flooring will be chilly in the morning, and its surface won’t be as soft or padded.


The fact that carpets offer superior padding is also important from a safety point of view — if you fall on them, you won’t be as likely to hurt yourself. Laminate won’t cushion your impact, and its slippery surface makes falls more likely in the first place.

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