Carpet vs. Linoleum

If you’re seriously considering new carpet vs. linoleum, it’s probably because linoleum tends to be cheaper. However, that cheapness has its own costs, with linoleum losing out to carpet in terms of:


  • Style 
  • Durability 
  • Safety
  • Comfort 


Pretty much every other factor you’d care to consider when picking out flooring, in other words. 



Linoleum enjoyed a brief heyday way back when we first stated serving homes across Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton. Problem is, that was back in 1957. It’s now seen as old-fashioned and outdated, while carpet remains an attractive choice. Choosing unattractive flooring simply to save a few dollars just isn’t smart, especially since adding linoleum instead of carpet may lower the value of your property when you decide to sell.


Linoleum is relatively soft, so it can be torn or scratched when furniture is moved across it. Once that happens, repairs are quite hard to make — you’ll probably be looking at a complete replacement. Worse yet, linoleum also darkens and yellows when exposed to sunlight, so it’s going to end up looking shabby regardless of how you treat it. Carpets are far more durable and can easily put up with anything from basic wear and tear to the rigors of sunlight. That’s why we can offer a limited lifetime installation warranty.


It might seem odd to consider safety, but it’s an important factor when it comes to linoleum vs. carpet. You see, linoleum can be quite slippery, and it offers very little in the way of padding or backing to cushion any fall. As such, you’re both more likely to fall and more likely to sustain a serious injury when you do.


Finally, but perhaps most importantly, linoleum just can’t compete with carpet when it comes to comfort. Stepping out onto chilly linoleum each morning? Not nice. Feeling your feet sink into warm, soft carpeting? Yeah, that’s the stuff.

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You Should Only See Linoleum as a Last Resort

So, linoleum is less comfortable, stylish, and durable than carpet. Carpeting is hard to beat, so arrange an appointment with Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs today.