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There’s the old saying “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” While you wouldn’t think this saying has much to do with carpet, it actually does! Meaning, that if a piece of carpet is constructed for a commercial setting, it will also perform very well in the residential application such as stairs, basements, home offices or even hallways. In some homes, these areas seem like they could qualify as “commercial” spaces! We have recently introduced a new line of broadloom carpet and carpet tiles from Masland. The Masland Energy collection is a modern take on the traditional main street commercial business. These product are highly stylized and feature type 6,6 nylon delivering the performance and stain protection required by demanding commercial settings. The focus of this collection has been to enhance interiors with classic design, yet add a modern twist with pops of color and more fashion forward patterns and design. This breaks the traditional commercial carpet look (imagine your dentist’s office carpet) and feel (these products feel amazing underfoot). You can even take these fabulous commercial pieces one step further by making a custom area rug out of them and adding a colored leather border or wide tape binding to bring the pops of color out even more! Today, the relationship between interior architecture and ecology has added another dimension to the collection. The touchstone is sustainable design; the two-fold proposition that environmental responsibility must be on equal footing with design, and that design is timeless.