How to Shop for Custom Rug Pads

Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t take the time to understand just what a difference rug pads make and how important it is to pick ones that are perfectly fitted to the size of your rug, the material its made from, and the flooring beneath.

For decades, we’ve been catering to the flooring needs of homeowners from Wheaton to Lisle and from Naperville to Aurora, and we’ve got plenty of experience in cutting custom rug pads. Here’s a quick and easy overview of factors to consider.

Factors to Consider With Your Custom Rug Pads

  • Sizing - Choose a rug pad the same size as your rug, then have it cut to a little less than that.
  • Material - There are lots of options. For instance, when considering felt vs. rubber rug pads, Felt is ideal for sound-absorption and comfort, but rubber pads are often better for slippery flooring.
  • Rug Type - Smaller, lighter rugs tend to slip a lot more, while larger, thicker ones generally require custom pads to stay in place.
  • Flooring Type - If your flooring is a more slippery surface or tends to transmit sound more easily, these are important factors in selecting a rug pad.

Why are Custom Rug Pads So Important?

If you have a rug in your home, you need to have a rug pad underneath it. Firstly, taking this step going to reduce the risk of needing rug repairs and help protect your property — people often underestimate how easily scratch marks can mar the flooring underneath, especially when the rug is supporting a heavy piece of furniture. Rug pads can also prevent slips by securing the rug with a non-slip backing, and noise will be reduced since an extra insulating layer is added, a real boon if you’re getting a rug pad for hardwood floors. Finally, rug pads simply make your rug more comfortable underfoot.

Of course, there’s a reason why there are so many rug pad options. If you want to take full advantage of the benefits detailed above, you’ll need to get a custom rug pad that is perfectly suited to the rug it’s going to be used with. It might seem like a trifling concern, but custom rug pads can really make a big positive impact on your home.

Find Out More About Custom Rug Pads

We understand that picking out the right rug pads can be tricky business, but remember that help is always at hand from the team here at Russell Martin Carpets and Rugs, so contact us today for advice.