Russ' Tips to Treating Red Wine Spills


Dear Russ,

I have a “mystery” friend who keeps spilling red wine on my carpet. What can I do to save my carpet besides giving her a sippy cup?


Such a Waste of Wine


Dear Such a Waster of Wine,

Sounds like you may need to make new friends this school year! In the meantime follow these simple steps (and maybe serve your mystery spiller a nice white instead?)


Russ’ Tips to Treating Red Wine Spills

Step 1.

BLOT the area with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Do not scrub the spot!

Step 2.

Stay away from under the sink chemicals! Don’t add anything to the spot or follow the “mystery” spillers Pinterest or Google search advise for what to do to a wine spill! Anything you add to the spot – even water- can make the spot bigger, or worse yet, can set the spot permanently!

Step 3.

Schedule an appointment to have the spot professionally cleaned (by yours truly, of course!)