Furniture Cleaning Codes Explained


Your furniture should have a tag with a code on it such as W, W & S. S, or X, but it probably doesn’t tell you what the means — but it’s a code for how to clean it. Like any code, It needs to be deciphered.

Furniture cleaning codes really need to be explained and understood if you’re to avoid causing any damage. In fact, choosing the right code should be considered just as important as finding the right color or layout, so we’ve taken the time to break down what means what, as well as where each type of furniture is going to be best suited.


Furniture Cleaning Codes Explained

Think cleaning codes are going to be tough to fathom? There’s no need to worry — all you need concern yourself with are the following four:

  • W = Water Base Cleaning
  • W & S = Water and Solvent
  • S = Solvent Base (Dry Cleaning)
  • X = Vacuum Cleaning Only

Okay, easy enough — and even deciding on the right code to suit your purpose is straightforward. 

W or WS are going to be most common in residential properties. They’ll both be able to remove water-based stains — things like dropped food and spilled drinks. In areas where they are going to be inevitable, such as family rooms, it’s a safe bet that W or W & S codes are your best option.

S and X codes mean that furniture is almost certainly going to be permanently stained by water-based slip-ups. You’ll generally use them for more formal settings, though it’s worth remembering that you’ll still need to have S or X code furniture cleaned regularly to shoo away any troublesome dirt or dust.

The Importance of Professional Cleaning

Right, you should now have a pretty good handle on furniture cleaning codes and which one to look towards for each room. All new furniture is given a code, so you’ll never be left wondering.

However, you should still look towards a professional for cleaning. It takes a little more skill than just carpet cleaning experience — that’s why IICRC certification courses take twice as long. The wrong method or an inexperienced set of hands can shrink, damage, or further stain your furniture, so look to the IICRC-certified team here at Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs.

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