Five Things That Determine How Long Your area rug Will Last

“How long will my area rug last?” It’s a question we hear a lot, but the truth is that it depends entirely on what kind of rug you buy and how well you treat it. What people really want to know is how they can make their new rug last longer, so here are five important factors to keep in mind.


Rugs can range from under $20 into the tens of thousands. You probably won’t want to go for the high end of the scale, but resist the urge to save a few bucks by simply picking up a cheap rug at your local discount store. As a general rule, they’ll have cut corners to make it so cheap. Spend a little more now to save in the long run.


When you’re considering what type of rug you need, material choice is key. Wool, cotton, and nylon are all strong options if you want a long-lasting area rug. Avoid using acrylic fibers, which don’t hold their shape very well.


Vacuuming your area rug regularly prevents dirt from getting trodden into the fibers, which in turn makes the rug last longer. You should also seek out professional cleaning once or twice a year to ensure that embedded dust and bacteria is removed.


Most types of rugs will fade under direct sunlight, so closing the drapes when you aren’t using the room can help. You should also think about rotating the area rug every couple of weeks to make sure that any fading that does occur is at least even across the surface.


A rug pad is going to make a world of difference. They make it tough for any abrasive dirt particles to damage the fibers of a rug when weight is placed on it, so using one will certainly increase your area rug’s ability to stand the test of time. 

How Long Will Your Area Rug Last? It’s Up to You

Your area rug really can last as long as you want, but you need to take the correct steps if that’s going to happen. Here at Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs, we’ve been providing and cleaning rugs for homeowners across Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton for years, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for advice.

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