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The Russell Martin Carpet & Rugs limited lifetime installation warranty

Truth be told, there’s plenty that makes Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs stand out as something different. Could be our IICRC-certified carpet and rug cleaners, or perhaps our top rating from consumers' checkbook, and there are few in the business that have served Wheaton, Lisle, and Naperville customers ever since 1957. Of course, one thing we’re particularly proud of is the Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs limited lifetime installation warranty.

What is the Russell Martin Carpet & Rugs limited lifetime installation warranty?

We’re renowned for our high standards. The limited lifetime installation warranty is a promise that those standards will pass the test of time. If you have any issue with installation, we’ll come right out to inspect the problem and schedule an installation visit to make everything right.

And by Lifetime Warranty, we mean lifetime warranty. You could be a customer from five days ago or from five years ago — what matters to us is keeping you confident about your carpeting. The industry standard is just 12 months, but we just don’t roll that way. With Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs, quality is for keeps and good service has no expiration date.

How can we offer the Russel Martin limited lifetime installation warranty?

Cards on the table, there’s a reason beyond your happiness for the limited lifetime installation warranty: we’re pretty sure we’ll never have to live up to it.

Why? Because we use the best pads we can beneath your carpets, and we mean that literally. You see, our eight-pound-density, 7/16-inch-thick rebound foam pad is the thickest you can get without voiding carpet manufacturer warranties. It makes your carpet last longer and stay looking fresh, so we use it for every job. In fact, it’s not uncommon for installers to lift up carpeting 15 years old and find the pad still in excellent shape.

In other words, we’ll always be happy to honor our limited lifetime installation warranty, but we’ll also be stunned if we need to.

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