Can You Recarpet your Home While Living in It? 

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Carpet installation is always a little tricky, but recarpeting your whole home while you’re living in it can be particularly taxing. Of course, it doesn’t need to be impossible — it doesn’t even need to cause you stress! Just follow these tips:


  • Plan out a schedule for recarpeting
  • Prepare your home
  • Prepare each room

Ready to learn more? Now that you’ve picked out a new carpet, let’s dive in to exactly how you get everything ready for recarpeting. 

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Make a Plan

Being prepared is the first step to successfully and conveniently recarpeting your home while living in it. Each room should be completed separately, and it makes sense to divide the house into zones so you can move furniture around as needed. Ask yourself:

  • Which rooms do you use most often?
  • Which rooms can be doubled up?
  • Which rooms will require the most work?

If you have two kids’ rooms, for example, you might think about having them bunk together for a night or two, switching between rooms as the carpets are installed. You’ll also want to hold off on having two regularly used rooms recarpeted at the same time.

Prepare Your Home

Now that you’ve set out how the recarpeting process will go, you should start preparing your home by:

  • Providing Parking Close to Your Door: The quicker and easier installers can get in and out, the faster recarpeting work can progress.
  • Protecting the Floors: Place protective covering over your floors to prevent work boots from leaving marks.
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Prepare the Room

Okay, here’s how you prepare each room individually:

  • Move smaller, lighter furniture (installers should help with the larger, heavier stuff)
  • Move breakables
  • Move wall decorations
  • Disconnect all lamps and electronics
  • Tie up the drapes
  • Clear the closets to waist height
  • Set the right temperature for installation

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