what are the different kinds of rug pads?

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Buying a high-quality rug can add a dash of color and comfort to hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, but rugs should be stabilized with proper rug pads. Those flooring materials can be quite slippery, and a rug can move around on them like a skate on ice. Rug pads keep everything safely stuck in place using non-slip backing, and they can also provide additional cushioning. 

Of course, knowing that you need a rug mat is only half the battle—you’ll also need to take the time to understand what type of rug mat might be best. In fact, rug pad advice is among our most frequently asked questions. Just read through this quick guide to explore your options. 

What Kind of Rug Pad Should You Use?

  • 100% Natural Rubber: Rubber rug pads tend to be among the most expensive, but most people consider them well worth the cost. Ideal for use on hard-surface floors, they prevent slips while also forming a barrier in case you take a fall. They’re also eco-friendly. 
  • Felt Pads: Perhaps you have larger or heavier rugs that are already anchored by furniture. If so, try a felt pad. They provide additional support for the rug to prevent it from becoming worn. 
  • Synthetic Latex: Latex is a fine solution in the short-term, acting much like rubber does but costing a little less. However, these rug pads are often blended with clay fillers—over time, they tend to dry out and leave lots of flakes.
  • PVC: PVC rug mats are almost always going to be your cheapest option, but they don’t work well with all flooring materials. Vinyl, hardwood, and even laminate can all be discolored by PVC. If you really want to opt for PVC, you should check with your flooring manufacturer first. 
  • Hybrid Felt/Rubber: The creme de la crème of rug pads, hybrids combine the benefits of felt with those of rubber to supply superlative performance, but you will have to pay a premium for them. 
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