How to Tell What Size Rug You Need

If you’re asking yourself “What size rug do I need?”, you certainly aren’t alone. It seems like a simple enough question when you first decide to pick up a new rug, but it can be curiously hard to decide on the exact measurements that would work best in your given space. We’ve been helping homeowners from Wheaton to Naperville find the perfect rug for decades, and luckily enough, there are some questions you can ask yourself and some tips you can follow to help guide your way to the perfect choice.

Large or Small Space?

In smaller living spaces, you’ll generally want to have the rug quite small to prevent overwhelming the room as a whole. In larger living spaces, it pays to go for larger rugs — these can be used to anchor your furniture and prevent the area from looking too sparse.

For smaller rooms — such as dining rooms and bedrooms — you’ll generally only have one central piece of furniture. Try balancing the bed or dining table using one large area rug that is positioned evenly underneath. An area rug should always be used to create balance and cohesion.

How Often Can You Clean?

One of the toughest things about larger rugs is that it can be difficult to clean them. Larger rugs tend to have deeper and thicker fibers, meaning that they trap dirt and other particles more easily, and it’s not like you can pick them up and beat out dirt in a pinch.

Smaller rugs are significantly easier to clean, so it’s worth using them in high-traffic areas or in rooms that are more vulnerable to getting dirty.

Seeing It in Action

It can be quite tricky to properly visualize how a rug will look in a room simply by using your tape measure. Instead, try laying down a sheet that has been folded to the dimensions of the rug you have your eye on.

The great thing about this approach is that you can easily unfold or fold a little more to change things around and get a more accurate idea of how things will look before you actually buy your new rug.

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